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Meet The Owner

Tammy Montgomery-Doz'ier is the National Vice President of SPAA (Speakers Publishers & Authors Association), and she holds a Competent Communicator designation with Toastmasters International. She holds certification in Master Writing and Master Speaker; she is an award-winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Director, Singer, and Actress. She is a Certified Life Coach and a former Rape Crisis Advocate for the YWCA. She holds an MBA with a concentration in Health Administration, and Mental Health First Aid certification.

Tammy is currently the business owner of "Connected by Love Consulting" which provides resources to families of diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds seeking help for their loved one's mental wellness. 

 The winner of the 2020 & 2022 writing contests. Tammy writes books that deal with real-life issues, such as obesity, self-esteem, and mental health. Tammy hosts a podcast "What Happens In This House Stays in This House".  This podcast deals with hot topics, everyday life, and mental health issues, it is my mission to share my voice with the world and create change in the communities. Let's start the conversation and get rid of the myth "What Happens In This House Stays In This House."

She is the author of several books which are"Addicted to Pain," a realistic solution for taking your tragedies and transforming them into triumphs. "From F.A.D.S. (False Allegiance To Destructive Stuff ) To Freedom and SPAA collaboration books "The Power With-in" and "The Seeds of Truth."

Tammy is the co-Author of two of SPAA SRAE (Sexual Risk Avoidance Education) programs, "Choices & Consequences" and "Connected By Love; Choices, Chances & Changes," where both are being used as a curriculum for the Federal governments SRAE curriculums.

Tammy loves to motivate others and provide informational training on helping others thrive in their businesses and personal lives.

More About Tammy Montgomery-Doz'ier

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower the most vulnerable members of our community to lead healthy and productive lives.

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