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Promoting Mental Wellness

At Connected By Love Consulting, we offer a compassionate array of services tailored to support families and individuals from various ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds on their journey to mental wellness. Understanding the unique challenges that accompany mental health issues, we provide sensitive support and practical resources to those personally affected, as well as their loved ones.


Furthermore, we extend specialized assistance to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, offering a safe haven and the necessary tools to help them reclaim their strength and peace of mind. Our mission is to foster healing and empowerment, ensuring that every voice is heard and no one walks their path to recovery alone.

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Tammy Montgomery-Dozier, with her prestigious role as Former National Vice President of SPAA and a designation as a Preferred Professional, brings a wealth of knowledge to her field with an MBA in Health Services.

As a seasoned Corporate Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Life Coach, Tammy specializes in vision board training, leveraging her skills as a Certified, Master Speaker and Writer. Her adaptability as a Virtual Trainer makes her expertise widely accessible.

Her work with "Youth Empowerment" reflects her dedication to mentoring young individuals, aiming to:

  • Foster personal growth and self-discovery

  • Enhance self-esteem and empower youth to make a positive impact

  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity


Tammy is also a Certified Mental Health Care Aid, trained to support those dealing with mental health challenges or crises.


Her background as a Rape Crisis Advocate includes:

  • Providing comprehensive support during medical procedures

  • Offering information on follow-up care, legal proceedings, and police involvement

  • Active listening to help victims process their emotions and experiences


Furthermore, as the facilitator of "Connected By Love" Women's Group, she creates a judgment-free space for women to share and heal. Her annual event, "What Happens In This House Stays In This House" Strength Over Silence, brings together voices from various agencies to inform and uplift.

Connected By Love Consulting offers personalized services including:

  • On-site seminars and training tailored to the needs of individuals, families, and communities

  • Virtual Training upon request

  • Liaison services to connect with the best-suited facilities and resources

With a compassionate approach, Connected By Love Consulting is dedicated to providing the necessary connections and support to promote well-being and healing.




Visions Unleashed: Manifest Your Destiny Vision Board Training
Unlock your future and unleash the power of your dreams with Tammy Montgomery-Dozier's transformative "Visions Unleashed" vision board training! Dive into a creative and immersive workshop where you'll learn to visualize success, set actionable goals, and manifest the life you desire. With Tammy's expert guidance, blend the art of intention with the science of personal achievement. Perfect for dreamers and doers alike, this training is more than a course—it's the key to a life of fulfillment. Step into a world where your goals are clear, and your passions are within reach. Sign up now and take the first bold step towards a future that's authentically yours. Don't just dream it—vision it, and make it happen with "Visions Unleashed"!

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Certified Human Rights Consultant

 Provide support to the human rights monitoring and promotion activities focused on the economic, social, cultural, and environmental rights in  America.

Helping Business Organizations

We facilitate workshops and speaking engagements to help brands address their business needs.

Connect with us through our mailing address in Richton Park, Illinois.

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