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Books to Help You Through Life

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Purchase Our Publications

Connected By Love Consulting sells nonfiction books that tackle real-life situations as written by our founder, Tammy Montgomery-Doz’ier. Shop for her published works at our online store!


If you have any questions and concerns, send them to our mailing address in Richton Park, Illinois.


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"Addicted to Pain" is a candid exploration of overcoming life's darkest moments, from personal adversities to triumphs.


Tammy Montgomery-Dozier shares her journey and strategies for healing, embodying the powerful message: "THE PAIN STOPS, WHEN THE SILENCE ENDS!!!"

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Unlock your dreams and chart your journey to success with our Vision Board and Journal Workbook, your ultimate companion for personal growth and achievement.


This beautifully designed book combines the power of visualization with reflective journaling to guide you towards realizing your fullest potential.

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From F.A.D.S. to Freedom

This book deals with the trials and tribulations of the author’s life and how she overcame different obstacles. It provides insight into the F.A.D.S. that are created as means to cope with societal, familial, and individual needs.

This book delves into the ephemeral world of fads, redefining "FADS" as False Allegiance to Destructive Stuff, and aims to turn fleeting pursuits into lasting spiritual fulfillment.


Explore how short-term indulgences can be reshaped into long-term solutions for a more meaningful life. What's your F.A.D.S.?

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